Burial Ground

Established in 1682, The Darby Friends Burial Ground sits a block away from the current meetinghouse on land given by John Blunston, founder of Darby.  It is set back from Main Street on a small knoll overlooking the town, with simple grave markers as is the custom among Friends. 

Darby Friends Burial Ground meadow and graves above

Many notable early Quakers are buried here, including John Blunston, John Bartram, noted American botanist, and Martha Schofield, reformer and educator who founded a school for former slaves in Aiken, NC.

Also buried here are graves of one Revolutionary War veteran, and 29 Civil War veterans, despite the Quaker testimony to peace. (In 1861, nine of the eleven Darby Borough Quaker families and a total of 52 Meeting members join the Union Army.  All are disowned for taking up arms. In 1865, 35 of the disowned Darby Friends reapply in a joint petition, all are re-admitted.)

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